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About Clixie

Clixie Video is a patent pending technology allowing content producers to turn any video into an online revenue stream, all while providing a more informative, entertaining and dynamic viewing experience for their audience. Make any item that appears during a video "clickable", and give viewers the ability to engage with the content as they watch. Link any item to just about any location online, to connect your viewers with the information, tools and products that interest them along the way.

What can Clixie do for you?

Increase engagement with your viewers.

Clixie makes any video truly interactive, and allows viewers to learn more about the things they see as they see them, without the distraction of pop-ups or banner ads.

  • Get an average of 1-3 clicks per viewer per minute
  • Increase your viewer retention by an average of 1.2x
  • Increase CTR
  • Increase the number of viewers who watch the full video by 90%

Monetize your video content.

By connecting the people, products and places in a video to online revenue sources, Clixie makes it fun, easy and intuitive for viewers to consider and complete the purchasing cycle.

  • Deliver on the compulsive desire to purchase products seen in content
  • Experience an average 6% conversion to purchase rate
  • Capture an average of 2.14 purchases per viewing

Gain visibility on your target audience.

Clixie reporting tools give you a deeper understanding of your viewers by providing valuable targeted intel on who is watching and what their purchasing habits are. Our reports include (but are not limited to) statistics on:

  • Number of views
  • Time/length of viewing session
  • Clicks on embedded links
  • Clicks on bookmarks
  • Social media shares, likes and "people talking about this"
  • Conversions to purchase

Sell more and increase your e-commerce

Clixie allow a new experience in sales on the web:

  • One-click to buy directly on the object in your videos
  • Gamefication offering discounts hidden when they are watching

How it works?

Entertaining. Engaging. EASY!

Clixie Video is incredibly easy for both viewers and producers to use. In just moments, producers can create connections between individual elements within the video and related online resources. All viewers have to do is click! Or, Clixies can appear automatically and users can just sit back and enjoy.”

See in action!

Clixie is for everyone.
Any one who produces online video content can use Clixie to monetize their content and increase engagement with viewers. That includes:

  • Production Companies
  • Entertainment Media Companies
  • TV and Media Companies
  • Major Networks
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Large Corporations

Clixie adds something special to just about any type of content.

"Clixie brings the solution that any online video publisher is looking for - an organic format that allows the user to click on elements during the stream. This is huge and will help online video marketing to grow in scale, creativity and commercial performance."
Paulo Henrique Ferreira, Digital Media Executive Manager, Lance Group, Sao Paulo Brasil

"We were blown away with the response we received after using Clixie Video. The first time we launched we went totally organic and saw an 80% increase in Warrior online store sales in just one day! We are creating content right now to specifically use Clixie Video."
Neal Welbourne, Media, Warrior Sports, Michigan USA

See in action

See the video below to understand the power of Clixie!

Clixie will enhance the video viewing experience without interrupting the content

Turn your retail video into an online storefront.

Banner ads and pop-ups can be distracting, and take attention away from the video you've created for your audience. Clixie is a unobtrusive, less distracting means of promoting sales through your video content. By connecting the visual of the product itself directly to the appropriate location in your e-commerce site, Clixie provides an intuitive, integrated and fun means of promoting sales for the products you feature.

Up the fun-factor of your entertainment videos.

Whether its sports, music, or television programming, your viewers WANT the products they see in your content. Clixie makes it easy for viewers to identify and purchase those products by providing inconspicuous, intuitive links directly in the video content. Increase interest and engagement while building a whole new revenue stream for your organization.

Deliver a more comprehensive learning experience through your instructional video.

Provide viewers with additional resources for download or sale as they watch – our seamlessly organized bookmarks make it easy for them to save and access these resources at their leisure, without distracting them from the actual content.

Here are four examples of how Clixie Video has been used to monetize content and create contests for video.

Some of the videos are interactive. Some are not. Some have different views.

Some of the interactivity was created using “Timed Events” (patent pending). Just play and enjoy the content! The Clixies will appear automatically at the appropriate time.


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